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Manchester Block 140th Anniversary of Settlement

2014 was the 140th anniversary of the settlement of the Manchester Block and to mark the occasion Feilding Districts & Community Archive is running a project which asks residents of the area to send in information on their families to the archive by completing family registers. This information will become a research resource for future generations. 

The first settlers came on organised shipping schedules and were the initial pool of pioneers to settle the Manawatu area.  Further settlers came on different immigration schemes and also settled in this area after 1874. Settlement continued into the 1900s as areas outside the township of Feilding were purchased, surveyed and large farm blocks sub-divided.  Then there are the ongoing ‘settlers’ to Feilding who arrive from various parts of New Zealand and the world and who now acknowledge this area as their settlement of choice.

From Rangiwahia to the Ruahine Ranges; the country bordered by the Rangitikei River and the Tararua Ranges, anyone who has been a resident can be included. There are two forms available:  the first form is for Pioneer Families – those who settled here before 1900, and the second form gathers information about families right up to the present day.  Families who have been in the district many years will need to fill in both forms to capture the details of later generations. The forms are on the website or can be ordered from FDCA and the museum.

Everyone has interests – sports, art, culture, pastimes, work and hobbies. Recording those facts has relevance to give an insight into social history and cultural practice of different eras as well as allowing people to have a better understanding of society – what was popular, what was fashionable and how people spent their days. 

Please help with this project and ensure your place in history.  The recorded information will be useful to future historians, researchers, and genealogists alike.

Click on the appropriate link to download the form, save it to your PC, complete it at your leisure, save it again and email it to FDCA by clicking on this link and attaching the document.

Pioneer Settler's Register
For individuals and families who settled in Feilding on or before
31 December 1899

Family Settler's Register
For individuals or families who settled (or were born) in Feilding from
1 January 1900 through until the present day

If your computer or tablet doesn't support the format of these forms (MS Word), download pdf copies using the links below, hand fill them in and post them to 'The Manchester Block Project, FDCA, PO Box 42, Feilding.







Pioneer Settler's Register.pdf

Family Settler's Register.pdf


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