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Be Careful when Spring Cleaning ...

When Mrs D. Mackley was sorting through the papers held by her twin brother, Bill Coser, she found a letter written in 1847 by the Duke of Manchester [of Kimbolton Castle, Ireland] to his colleague Dr Kidd.    Mrs Mackley passed it into the safe keeping of Caryl Clausen and it has now been donated to the Feilding & Districts Community Archive.  The letter was written and signed by the Duke of Manchester who was Chairman of the settlement company which acquired the Manchester Block, of which Feilding is the centre - it includes a request for a medicine prescription to combat a recent outbreak of cholera.

Below is a transcription accompanying the letter when received by FDCA - if you can fill in any of the gaps, please email us with your thoughts.

My Dear Doctor Kidd,

Now that it has pleased the Lord to visit our shining island with Cholera, I would beg you to write me again a prescription which you gave me when we were suffering at Tandragee - Alas the formula ____, but it is locked up at Lefborn near home, and till I return to Tandragee I cannot procure it. But if you remember it and can send me another copy I shall be much obliged.

So far I am doing very well here though now the weather is getting colder, I am beginning to feel it more than I did.  Rycldrh lou & Olise are with us.  Robert at college; and giving us every reason to rejoice over him.  Fred has ____ the wish of his teacher and joined the 52? He is quartered at Portsmouth - but I still doubt whether his health will continue ____ or ____ him to continue the _____.  As as he _____ pass and ____ the leaving because I can form no other visit.

I was very thankful to hear that Mr Potten has recovered his health and trust it will be long offered to him and all ______.

Give my kind regards to Mrs Kidd and your daughters.

___ we about the Private & Mrs Arburton - also a ________ Mr Chacker if you hear of him.


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