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A Shannon family from Antrim, Ireland to New Zealand - Feilding : The Shannon Family Reunion and Book Committee, 2000.
Printed by Fisher Print Ltd, Feilding.  ISBN 0-473-070952

Graham (1816-1892) and Elizabeth, known as Eliza (née VANCE, c1814-1902) SHANNON married in 1842 in Ballycragy.  Their children born in mid-19th century Antrim, Ulster were the eighth generation born in the family residence on the freehold lands which had been in their possession for over two hundred years Four of those seven children, their sons, George Vance (GV), William, Ezekiel, and Graham all made New Zealand their home, the eldest son George being the first to arrive in 1865.

More than two hundred descendants gathered in Feilding for the Shannon Family Reunion to celebrate and share genealogical records, compare photographs and exchange reminiscences.  On arrival reunion participants were greeted by the hiss and roar of a fiery traction engine dating back to its days as a work-horse at I.P. Shannon Ltd (Ian Paul Shannon’s business), Sawmillers at Cheltenham, and a superb example of history in action.

The story of the Shannon family in New Zealand is divided into four parts, one for each of the sons and their families.  By 1907 descendants of Graham and Elizabeth residing in New Zealand numbered four sons, twenty-six Grandchildren, and twelve Great-grandchildren.

Many maps and black and white photos of houses, farms, and family members are interspersed with the stories throughout the 148 page book.  The book finishes with three Appendices - notes on the VANCE family; a diary of a voyage from London to Sydney; and letters written at the time of the fires at Waituna West in early 1898.

The Wedding of Nell Shannon and Tom Roulston, 1915, Owen Street, Feilding.



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